Charlie Isaacs Caps S01E13 Perestroika

Occam: Dr. Isaacs. Have a seat.
Charlie: I’ve been sitting for the last eight months.
Occam: Quite a rookie season you’ve had. Two months ago you were a towel boy. now you’re Reed Akley’s secret weapon. Well, you and the rifle. I’m sorry to hear the news. 
Charlie: So was I. 
Occam: Why did he do it?
Charlie: I have no clue. 
Occam: Don’t you? I understand there was a technical problem with Thin Man. 
Charlie: What kind of problem? 
Occam: The kind that loses a war. 
Charlie: Akley knew? 
Occam: We’re auditing Thin Man’s files to find out. There are some irregularities. 
Charlie: In Akley’s files?
Occam: In yours, actually. The calculation you’ve been assigning your staff, it’s almost as if they have no bearing on Thin Man whatsoever.
Charlie:  They may look irregular to an untrained eye. 
Occam: But your former colleague, Dr. Lancefield, he’s trained, isn’t he? 
Charlie: Tom Lancefield?
Occam: He told me a fascinating story, said you’d hot-wired the project and were driving it over a cliff. 
Charlie: They found stolen files under his floorboards. He’s probably fingered Dwight Eisenhower by now. 
Occam: The timing is curious, though, isn’t it? Reed Akley knights you. Two moths later, he’s lying on an autopsy table and so is him bomb. and no one can make heads or tails out of the paper work coming out of your office. 
Charlie: I was exploring alternate theories out of an excess of caution. 
Occam: Funny how to an untrained eye caution looks like sabotage. 
Charlie: I…I was trying to save the project. 
Occam: So you were aware of a problem in Thin Man. Let’s talk about Herr Doktor Schilmmer. Magpie. [opens file] Our man inside Werner Heisenberg’s lab. Till somebody talked and he lost his head. 
Charlie: I’m sorry, what agency do you represent? 
Occam: Justice, Treasury, War, Immigration. When did you become aware of the existence of an allied spy in the Nazi’s bomb project? 

Charlie Isaacs Caps S01E13 Perestroika

Abby: Nice of you to drop in. Should I wake your son or are you just here to change your clothes? 
Charlie: Abby, please. 
Abby: You can’t just hibernate in your office or wherever you’ve spent the last two nights.
Charlie: Akley’s gone.
Abby: Where?
Charlie: He, um…put a gun in his mouth and…
Abby: A…Reed Akley, my God.
Charlie: It’s my fault, Abby. 
Abby: What? 
Charlie: I let him paint himself into a corner. I should have walked into his office two months ago. 
MP: [enters] Ma’am, we’re gonna have to borrow your husband.  
Abby: Charlie, Excuse me, No! 
Charlie: It’s going to be fine, Abby.
Abby: I need to speak to my husband, sir. 
Charlie: It’s just a misunderstanding, Abby. 

Anonymous asked:

Now that the first season of Manhattan is over, what do you think about the show? How did you like Ashley’s character and the way he progressed?

Honestly I really liked it I could have done without the infidelity because I really do like Abby and Charlie they are very sweet, their scene yesterday had me in tears. However because they have explored Helen and Charlie I’m also quite intrigued to see where that goes particularly now that Charlie knows of Abby’s affair, also wow intense when Abby and Helen finally met. 

I really warmed to Charlie he has his convictions and I really started to like his relationship with Frank. He’s a decent guy that’s made mistakes, I’m keen to see how Charlie goes on because he revealed to Abby that Reed’s death was his fault, i.e how will that affect him next season in the top role, will he be haunted like Frank is with Sid? Good on Frank for doing the right thing, hope we get to see him and Charlie working together next season. Honestly they are very cute like when they were working with Lazar. 

So yeah I thought it was a really great series with engaging plot lines and twists I really enjoyed it, can’t wait for next season! Also I kinda ship Callie and Dunlavey so wanna see what happens there. 

For the other anon: 

Hey, sorry to bother you with this, you might not know the answer anyway, but I am sure you know a lot more about Ashley than I do, so I figured asking might be worth a try: Do you by any chance happen to know if Ashley smokes in real life or if he only does it when he is required to for his role?

No, I don’t know whether Ashley smokes. Why don’t you ask him, he has a twitter these days and he does sometimes reply to people :) 

Ned and Jesse are forced into an impossible choice – Hani’s life in exchange for technology capable of wiping entire cities from the face of the earth.

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Ashley Zukerman Caps: MANHATTAN: Lust Alamos
'What we get to see is these two people actually forced together and actually get to know each other…and yet I meet this interesting beautiful woman that immediately creates a connection that however much Charlie wants to ignore it he can't.'
This is a small town and it’s very hard to get away with anything.’ 

Ashley Zukerman Caps: MANHATTAN: Lust Alamos

'What we get to see is these two people actually forced together and actually get to know each other…and yet I meet this interesting beautiful woman that immediately creates a connection that however much Charlie wants to ignore it he can't.'

This is a small town and it’s very hard to get away with anything.’ 

Ashley Zukerman Caps: DECLASSIFIED: Inside 112
'Reed Akley tells him that Frank's been playing him for the last three months and he believes the stories. 
Sadly then what we see is that he confronts Akley and he actually finds out Akley was lying about everything entirely. 
He realises that he’s been so lost, this man who thinks he is the smartest guy has been played over and over again. He’s lost himself entirely, any sense of who he is and what he can do, and his purpose.’

Ashley Zukerman Caps: DECLASSIFIED: Inside 112

'Reed Akley tells him that Frank's been playing him for the last three months and he believes the stories. 

Sadly then what we see is that he confronts Akley and he actually finds out Akley was lying about everything entirely. 

He realises that he’s been so lost, this man who thinks he is the smartest guy has been played over and over again. He’s lost himself entirely, any sense of who he is and what he can do, and his purpose.’

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E12 The Gun Model

Charlie: Hey.
Helen: Hey. What are you doing here? 
Charlie: Um, I had nowhere else to go. 
Helen: I’m the one who told Frank about you and Akley. 
Charlie: I know. 
Helen: But you didn’t tell Akley about me. 
Charlie: I forced you into this in the first place. 
Helen: I made my own choices. What happens next?
Charlie: There is no next. In twenty four hours, I’ll be off this Hill one way or the other. 
Helen: Do you have a place to sleep?

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E12 The Gun Model

Akley: There he is. I’ve been looking over all your concerns. Now, our muzzle velocity is nine hundred and ten metres per second. Barrel pressure is sitting in the range of seventy fine thousand pounds per square inch. We can do better.
Charlie: Sir. 
Akley: If we extend the barrel, the Plutonium can reach a higher rate of speed, but there are only two airplanes on the planet that can clear the ground with an eight thousand pound bomb. Neither can accommodate a longer…
Charlie: Dr. Akley. 
Akley: What is it?
Charlie: I can’t continue on the project. I’ve though long and hard. Today is my last day.
Akley: Charlie [opens letter and tears it up] it’s not accepted. 
Charlie: Sir, I appreciate your generosity…
Akley: My generosity is the only thing standing between you and a firing squad. Under the circumstances, I don’t think two week’s notice is a hell of a lot to ask. 
Charlie: If you have to report me to Oppenheimer, I understand, but I am done. 
Akley: Just like that? 
Charlie: I wish I’d done it six months ago. 
Akley: What about our boy in uniform, seventy thousand of them headed for Europe. You don’t care what happens to them? 
Charlie: You’ll have to finish without me. 
Akley: I can’t. Charlie, we’re going to beat Werner Heisenberg, the two of us. Why the hell do you think I recruited you in the first place? ‘A New Approach to Nuclear Cosmology.’ You changed the way we think about the universe, the way we think about the creation of the elements. You can fix Thin Man. 
Charlie: I thought Thin Man wasn’t broken. 
Akley: It’s not, it just need some modifications. 
Charlie: You knew. 
Akley: What?
Charlie: You knew Thin Man was going to fail. 
Akley: Jesus, Charlie. There’s no certainties in nuclear science. 
Charlie: You knew and you kept it a secret. The Plutonium from Site W, it’s not different from Site X Plutonium, is it? 
Akley: Of course it is. 
Charlie: Prove it. 
Akley: Charlie…
Charlie: You said you had the fission rates on your desk, show them to me.
Akley: Even if you had the clearance, you have to trust me.
Charlie: I don’t. Admit that you’re lying or I walk out that door. 
Akley: I can’t fix this on my own, but the two of us together…
Charlie: [steps back] My God. 
Akley: Charlie, don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you! [Charlie takes a step closer to the door] Charlie, don’t walk out that door! [Charlie slams the door open and runs out] 

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E12 The Gun Model

Charlie: Abby, I don’t know what you heard, but… 
Abby: I heard plenty. 
Charlie: I made a mistake. I listened to the wrong man. Dr. Akley gave me an opportunity and I betrayed his trust. But…he’s given me a second chance. A clean slate. 
Abby: There’s no such thing as a clean slate. For any of us. 
Charlie: There is. I lost my bearings for a little while, that’s all. 
Abby: There’s no difference. 
Charlie: What? 
Abby: Between Frank Winter and Reed Akley, that’s not a choice. One tried to destroy our marriage, the other dragged us into this trap in the first place. I’m not sure which is worse. 
Charlie: Abby. 
Abby: You are a pawn, in some kind of political game and you made me a pawn, too. I framed a man and his wife, my friend. And for what? 
Charlie: I told you, I listened to the wrong person, but I’m fixing it. 
Abby: But the man I married had his won mind, what happened to him? 
Charlie: What happened to you? When was the last time you told me that you loved me? You’ve barely touched me in months. 
Abby: I’m going home, Charlie. 
Charlie: You can’t, the army won’t allow it. 
Abby: I looked into it, there’s one way that they will. 
Charlie: What way?
Abby: If we’re divorced. 

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E12 The Gun Model

Frank: Mrs. Isaacs. Is he here? 
[Charlie enters the room and Abby exits]  
Charlie: What the hell are you doing here? Someone will see you. 
Frank: Meet me at the armoury in thirty minutes. 
Charlie: Fine. 
Frank: You gonna leave me sitting on my ass like you did yesterday? 
Charlie: You need to leave! 
Frank: It’s true, you’ve been listening to Akley. 
Charlie: I’ve been listening to reason. 
Frank: What did you tell him?
Charlie: Nothing, nothing that he didn’t already know. 
Frank: Oh. 
Charlie: I never should have knocked on your door. 
Frank: I guess Reed Akley’s figured out a way to rewrite the laws of physics. Prevent Thin Man from blowing up in his face. 
Charlie: Actually he has, it’s a new reactor up in Washington, I think you’ve heard of it. 
Frank: What? Site W Plutonium? That’s his magic bullet? The only thing Site W has on Site X is a river view. A factory is a factory, they’ll never make Plutonium Thin Man can use. 
Charlie: Akley told me you’d say that. 
Frank: Oh, Jesus. You can’t trust him, Charlie. 
Charlie: Oh, but I can trust you? 
Frank: Implosion works! We both know that. 
Charlie: Implosion works in theory, you have no idea what we’ll find out when the Plutonium arrives. 
Frank: Listen to me, Akley manipulated the secretary into suspending my security clearance. But you, you can push operations to get that Plutonium here immediately. 
Charlie: Right, because it’s always up to me. Every detonator, every requisition, every inch on Primacord, they all trace back to me. Why is that? 
Frank: We’re talking about winning a world war. You’re thinking about signatures on forms? 
Charlie: You set me up.
Frank: I should have known it, I should have known you would fold at the very first sign of resistance. 
Charlie: Get the hell out of my house.
Frank: Yeah, you’re right. I should give you time to say goodbye to your wife. Cause when the army and G2 find out about this, they’ll be knocking on your door. But not for the first time, right, Charlie? I mean, you lied about Babbit. You lied about Richard Lavro.
Charlie: You forced me to lie. 
Frank: Do you…do you really think they’ll care? 
Charlie: You know what I think? You’ve compromised every member of your group, you alienated your mentor, a year in this desert has driven your wife insane, so your name has be on the bomb or you did it all for nothing. I am not gonna be the last casualty of Frank Winter’s ego. 

Anonymous asked:

Nooo! I don’t want season 2 of Manhattan! It’s a good show, but I was kind of hoping they would keep Ashley’s tradition up, shoot him twice in the finale and then cancel the show. :-D Just kidding. :-D


Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E12 The Gun Model

Charlie: Reed, what time is it? 
Akley: It’s late as far as the javelina are concerned. You’re in the doghouse, huh? I warned you. Secrets have a way of coming out. Get dressed, we’re going for a drive. 
Charlie: I wouldn’t know a javelina if it ran right past me. 
Akley: It won’t, they can sniff you out from one hundred yards. 
Charlie: So, how are we supposed to shoot one? 
Akley: We’re not shooting wild pigs, Charlie. They taste like shit and they look too ugly to put on a wall. 
Charlie: Dr Akley? 
Akley: A combat historian I know found out a fascinating detail about
our American GIs on the front line. 
Charlie: Is that right? 
Akley: We’re fighting an army convinced it is a master race destined to dominate all of mankind, an army that puts your woman and children in concentration camps. But do you know, what four in five of our soldiers do when given the chance to fire at these wretched people? They intentionally miss. Eighty percent of our soldiers can’t bear the idea of shooting someone, even their worst enemy. 
Charlie: I doubt I’d be able to. 
Akley: And yet you shot me in the back. 
Charlie: Sir, whatever you heard…[GUNSHOT]
Akley: Charlie, you know how long we’ve been working on the gun model? 
Charlie: Almost a year. 
Akley: Seven hundred years. The Chinese invented firearms in the 13th century, we’ve been refining them ever since. Thin Man is just the next evolutionary stage, so why are you trying to sabotage her? 
Charlie: Sir, Thin Man was never gonna work. With the Plutonium that they are making at Site X, Thin Man will pre-detonate. The spontaneous fission rate is too high. 
Akley: That might be true. 
Charlie: No, Sir, it is true. 
Akley: But Charlie, we’re not using the Plutonium at Site X. 
Charlie: I was there, I saw the factory.
Akley: What you saw at Site X was a pilot plant designed to work out the kinks. I wasn’t in Washington, DC, this week. I was in Washington State touring the new reactor that will make the weapons grade Plutonium. The army calls it Site W. 
Charlie: But why would we think their Plutonium would be any cleaner? 
Akley: Because Enrico Fermi personally designed the reactor, I have the fission rates on my desk. It’s as good as cyclotron Plutonium, it’s as good as pure. You’ve been manipulated by a brilliant but misguided man, Frank Winter is using you to destroy Thin Man. 
Charlie: Did Frank know about Site W?
Akley: He has the same security clearance as I do, at least for now. 
Charlie: But why wouldn’t he have told me? 
Akley: Charlie, I don’t care if implosion wins this war or Thin Man! I don’t care if Hitler swallows a shotgun. Every man on this Hill if fighting the same war except Frank, who’s too busy fighting for his own place in history. Tell me, whose idea was it to hijack Thin Man in the first place? Whose idea to try and dupe the most powerful army in the world? Yours?
Charlie: No. 
Akley: Was it Frank’s brilliant idea to sent Helen Prins over to spy on Thin Man as well?
Charlie: She wasn’t involved. 
Akley: Frank’s had you on her strings since the minute you got here. He used her to squeeze the Plutonium out of you, he sent her to Site X in order to tempt you. What about Tom Lancefield? Is he mixed up in all this? 
Charlie: Lancefield found out. Frank said we had to get rid of him. 
Akley: Jesus, Charlie. 
Charlie: Sir, I am so sorry. 
Akley: It’s okay, it’s okay. Right now we have to figure out a way to keep you safe, last night I pulled every requisition that’s come out of my office in the last two months. Every order co-opting our resources for use on implosion, you signature is on all of them. Plain as day. 
Charlie: Jesus. 
Akley: The army uses the same ammo for decent misguided men as it does for spies. You’re implicated in a conspiracy to sabotage the most expensive and most secret project in military history. And if it comes out, you’re the only one that it will trace back to. And meanwhile, the man who’s truly responsible for all this could get away scot-free. 

Ned and Jesse are on the run; their house has been ransacked, their phones bugged, and their computers tracked. With no one to turn to, their only hope is to find the truth in Lindara.

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