When Ned and Jesse Banks publish a video of a mysterious outback accident involving two teenagers and a truck from a classified research facility, they face the full weight of a political machine desperate to hide the truth.

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Hey People

Okay so I had a feeling that the articles were about Ash and Katja Herbers having a relationship but you can never fully trust google translate. Normally I also want to watch a video before I read an article about said video but kinda pointless because google translate can’t translate a video. 

Thank you to glorianerdemtheunicorn and tsheena.

Particularly tsheena who took the time to write a very detailed explanation:

She mentions that they’ll try living in New York together for awhile. That they met on the set of manhattan. She also says something along the lines of “What are the chances of meeting each other? Faith/Destiny, ain’t that nice ” (Idk she used “Leuk hé “ in dutch which basically means the same ain’t that nice just sounds bit bitchy. But she meant it in a good way!

The rest of the articles are about what she’s been up to. The Dutch movies she played in the last year. How she did total of 5 pilots auditions in America, which according to everyone else is not a lot when about 120 pilots are made in “pilot season”. In the first article they apparently asked her if she wanted to win an oscar (in a joking way ) and she was like ” I wouldn’t mind winning one” They also talk about the reviews of manhattan and that they are is a lot of positive feedback and she’s really happy about that.
She also mentions in the video that falling for Ashley might actually be the most fun thing that happened to her. And something along the lines of them both saying that “If you do a movie somewhere I’ll go with you” and vice versa. The interview also mentioned in the video that whenever Ashley’s name came up she got al flushed and start stuttering a little. (I can’t blame her!)

Sounds like they truly are in a relationship.

Ashley Zukerman Caps: DECLASSIFIED: Inside 108
"We didn’t know what the Holocaust was yet, as soon as he sees that evidence Charlie gets on the train that actually doesn’t stop for a long time. When he gets to Frank he finds out Frank’s project won’t work either. That’s what sets them off together at whatever that relationship will become." 

Ashley Zukerman Caps: DECLASSIFIED: Inside 108

"We didn’t know what the Holocaust was yet, as soon as he sees that evidence Charlie gets on the train that actually doesn’t stop for a long time. When he gets to Frank he finds out Frank’s project won’t work either. That’s what sets them off together at whatever that relationship will become." 

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E08 The Second Coming

Charlie: There’s something I need to tell you. There’s a problem with Thin Man. 
Frank: What? 
Charlie: The spontaneous fission rates of Plutonium-240, they’re higher than 239.
Frank: Rates are always higher in even-numbered isotopes. 
Charlie: I know, you wrote a paper about it. I told you I read everything you ever published. It’s four hundred thousand. 
Frank: Akley’s bomb will pre-detonate. 
Charlie: We’re dead in the water. 
Frank: We are, too. 
Charlie: What?
Frank: Implosion won’t work either. Not without an army of scientists. 
Charlie: So what are we going to do about it? 

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E08 The Second Coming

Charlie: Did you eat already? 
Abby: My cousins are dead. 
Charlie: What? 
Abby: The Perlmans on my mother’s side. 
Charlie: Jesus. I’m sorry. Were you close?
Abby: No, I never met them. If I had seen them on the street, I would have walked right past.
Charlie: Were they in an accident or… 
Abby: No, they…they were in Europe. I…I don’t see how they could have escaped with a toddler. Did you know that in Minsk the Germans allow each Jew one and a half meters on living space? The adults, I mean. The children were marched into the forest and buried alive. 
Charlie: Where’d you hear that?
Abby: There are more than a million people missing, like they just vanished off the face of the Earth. I don’t even know how to think about a number like that. 
Charlie: You shouldn’t be thinking about that stuff, Abby. 
Abby: Why? Because I’m too fragile to stomach the truth?
Charlie: No, because there’s no point getting worked up when there’s nothing you can do about it. 
Abby: What did Dr. Akley say? About the problem. 
Charlie: What problem? 
Abby: Whatever you were talking about with that man in Tennessee. 
Charlie: You listened in on the call?
Abby: Charlie, if something’s wrong…
Charlie: Everything’s fine. Whatever you heard, forget it. 
Abby: You’re right, you’re right. I can’t do anything about what’s happening over there. But you can [hands him the file].

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E08 The Second Coming

Thatcher: Three-martini lunch? Principal wants to see you in his office.
Akley: The St. Loius Kid. We missed you today at lunch with the Brits. Lunatics. You all right? You look like you just saw the Ghost of Christmas Future. 
Charlie: I think I’m coming down with something. 
Akley: I used to get the flu every winter recess. [pour drink and hand it to Charlie] Here, kills the germs. 
Charlie: You wanted to see me, Sir. 
Akley: You know what I do for a living, Charlie? I’m in upper management. I spent fifteen years at a university dreaming about invisible particles and suddenly they handed me the keys to a world war. Explain that. There’s gonna be some changes around here. 
Charlie: ‘Cause the Brits are joining Thin Man. 
Akley: No, this is bigger than a bunch of shell-shocked theoretical men. Now that the reactor’s up and running, I’m gonna be back and forth between Chicago, D.C…God knows where else. We’re through designing, it’s time to build. 
Charlie: The design is locked? 
Akley: Now, I know that you’ve had your differences with some of the rest of the group, Lancefield in particular. That’s gonna have to change, I’m appointing a number two to mind the shop, get the Brits up to speed while I’m away. Now I mentored Tom Lancefield in Chicago and have watched him become a fine physicist in his own right. 
Charlie: He’s the natural choice. 
Akley: But he’s not my choice, Charlie. You are. 
Charlie: Sir? 
Akley: Promise me you’re gonna work on your people skills or you’ll wind up like Frank Winter. Don’t get your hopes up, title doesn’t come with a raise. 
Charlie: I’m not sure what to say. 
Akley: Well, say that you won’t make me look bad in front of the President of the United States. You have your hand on the rudder, a staff of six hundred at your beck and call. You just got a promotion, it wouldn’t kill you to smile. 
Charlie: Can I think about it? I’m not sure I’m management material. 
Akley: You know, I’m getting a little tired of this waffling, Charlie. Desperate times require men of conviction. You have until tomorrow to decide if you’re one of them. 

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E08 The Second Coming

Thatcher: You got a call at the switchboard, Chuck. Must have been a prank. Guy said he was Christopher Columbus. 
Charlie: Did he leave a message?
Thatcher: Yeah, he said to tell you four hundred thousand. 
Secretary: Is he expecting you? Dr. Isaacs?
Charlie: It won’t work. [slams door] Thin Man. I just got a message from Theodore Sinclair. 
Akley: Who?
Charlie: It’s not gonna work, not with reactor-bred plutonium. 
Akley: Sit down, Sit down. [Charlie sits] Charlie, six hundred scientists vetted the math. Four of them have Nobel medals at home. 
Charlie: But their numbers don’t account from reactor plutonium. It’s not pure, it contains Pu-240. 
Akley: We’ll survive a little cork in our wine. 
Charlie: I read a paper once, it theorised that even-numbered isotopes have higher spontaneous fission rates than odd. 
Akley: Whose paper?
Charlie: So I got Sinclair to test a sample from the reactor. 
Akley: As long as it’s under three hundred we’re fine. 
Charlie: It’s four hundred…thousand. It’ll pre-detonate like a bad fuse. 
Akley: Why did you tell me? 
Charlie: Um, what? 
Akley: Let’s be honest with each other. You don’t really want the project to succeed, do you? I mean, you made that pretty clear since the moment you got here. So, why did you tell me? 
Charlie: It’s my job, I made a commitment. 
Akley: There are higher commitments. You could have sat back, stayed quiet, watched Thin Man fail. 
Charlie: And let Heisenberg beat us to the punch? 
Akley: If we fall short with the combined brain power of all the Allies and a floating line of credit from the United States government, isn’t there a chance that Werner Heisenberg will fall short, too?
Charlie: Of course. 
Akley: And if we fail and Heisenberg fails, it’ll never get built. We could all go home. You could have kept quiet but instead [he walks over to Charlie] you walked into my office and you sounded the alarm. 
Charlie: I thought you should know. 
Akley: And now I do. And now we’ll reorganise all of our resources toward finding a solution and when we do drop the bomb and make no mistake we will drop it, all those lives! Will be on your head, Charlie! But now I know that twenty centuries of stony sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle and what rough beats, its hour come round at last slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?
Charlie: Sir?
Akley: You should have kept your mouth shut, you goddamn, ungrateful, conniving little Jew. 
Secretary: Dr Isaacs?
Charlie: Never mind. It can wait. 

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E08 The Second Coming

Charlie: Abby, where are you going? 
Abby: I just punched out. I switched to the early shift. 
Charlie: Can you punch back in?
Abby: What? No. No. I’m taking a day trip to Santa Fe. 
Charlie: You can shop for pottery tomorrow. 
Abby: No, I can’t. 
Charlie: Santa Fe isn’t going anywhere, this is important. 
Abby: I’m not shopping, I know you won’t approve, but I’m going to see Mother and Daddy. 
Charlie: Your parents live in Massachusetts. 
Abby: I got a letter. They’re going to a millinery convention in Los Angeles on the California Limited and it stops in Santa Fe. I’m going to surprise them.
Charlie: Jesus, Abby. 
Abby: I’m going to ride one stop, seventy two minutes and then I’ll get off the train and I’ll take the bus back to Santa Fe. I know it’s against the army rules and I know we could get into trouble…
Charlie: Fine.
Abby: Fine.
Charlie: But before you go, I need you to arrange an outgoing telephone call. 
Abby: All right. 
Charlie: With no one listening, even you. 
Charlie: [interrupting man on phone arguing with a woman] I need to cut in, I need to make a call from this telephone right now. Here, here’s $18. Buy her a honey baked ham. [he makes the call].
Abby: Operator. 
Charlie: Charles Isaacs. I need an outside line. 
Abby: Just a moment, please. 
Charlie: Is this the reactor building? Put me through to Daniel Ellis’ office.  
Reactor Operator: Hold for Mr. Ellis.
Charlie: No, no, no, no. [Abby listens in] No, I need to speak to his secretary Theodore. Tell him it’s a Mr. Donaldson calling. [to Theodore] Are you alone? Nobody’s monitoring this call. We have exactly five minutes. There is something that I need you to do for me. 

Charlie Isaacs Caps: S01E08 The Second Coming

MP: ID, please.
Charlie: Hello? Helen. 
Helen: [opens door] Well, look what Schrodinger’s cat dragged in. 
Charlie: I spent the last two weeks checking the alpa neutron reaction of every element on the periodic table. 
Helen: You want a gold star?
Charlie: Beryllium, Fluorine, Boron…they’re all fine. Then I started to wonder how much Plutonium-240 is mixed in with the 239? Maybe we got a problem with spontaneous fission?
Helen: It’s 5am. 
Charlie: I read a paper on the nuclear shell model. It theorised that even numbered isotopes have a higher spontaneous fission rate than odd. 
Helen: I read that paper, I know the guy who wrote it. 
Charlie: Are you gonna invite me in?
Helen: Sure. You can whisper fission rates in my ear. Tell me secrets you can’t share with your wife. I’ll laugh at your jokes and you’ll loosen your tie. Maybe we could have a drink, see what happens. Ugh, darn. I’m fresh out of whiskey. 
Operator: Operator, this call will be monitored for your protection. Hello? Is anyone there?


"For me, it felt like a cracked mirror of Australia, showing our beauty and our promise in direct juxtaposition with a violent sadness that’s also Australia," says actor Ashley Zukerman. "Plot-wise, it’s an incredibly well-written thriller that sees the characters going on a journey despite themselves and discovering something about themselves that they would not have discovered had the tragedies not happened."

Now, Zukerman is heading back to the US to establish a base in New York and hoping for a second season of Manhattan, which would shoot early next year if it gets the green light. He’s also feeling grateful for the opportunities he’s been afforded over the past year: “These are dream projects,” the 30-year-old says. “I’ve been working with smart people who are the best at what they do and who fight to make the best-quality stuff. I’m very fortunate that these people have seen whatever they needed to see in me.